Many incidents involving reversing motorists are reported every day. Whereas most of them are minor incidents, some result in huge property damages, serious injuries, or even deaths. Studies have shown that even the well experienced drivers can cause accidents when reversing.

A backup camera helps you to avoid collisions when reversing by enabling you to have a better view of the part that is obstructed by your vehicle.

Vehicle reverse camera pretection from hidden dangers

Why is it necessary to have a backup camera? Research has revealed that most reversing collisions are due to blind spots. The size of the blind spot is mainly determined by the design of the vehicle. Window sizes have been getting smaller and pillars larger over the years hence blind spots are much larger on modern vehicles.

A good camera camera system will allow the driver to see in those blind spot areas.  Such reversing systems consists of a camera and a monitor.

Backup camera options

Neltronics offers a wide selection of reversing cameras for passenger and commercial vehicles allowing you to choose the best backup camera system for your vehicle.

For passenger vehicles, Neltronics offers a range of products including CCD-Dual170, CMD-170GL, CCD-IR, CCD-HD17, CCD-W20, and QuickFit Reverse Cameras (QFS) models.

Have a look at reversing cameras for passenger vehicles for detailed descriptions of the products that we offer.

For commercial vehicle cameras Neltronics offers a solid range too.

The NESA High Resolution Mini Box Camera (CCD-HD17H) is one of the most popular cameras for passenger vehicles. The CCDHD17H has a resolution of 700TV line when hooked up to a standard monitor, or can be switched to 720p in AHD mode when using it with a AHD monitor. This powerful backup camera offers a view angle of 170 degrees and features a CCD image sensor. The automatic exposure system of this high resolution camera helps to enhance its performance in low light environments.

If you are looking for a backup camera that can be mounted nearly anywhere, then you should consider this flush mounted camera. It is designed and optimized for bumper bar mounting. In addition, the CCD-IR night vision camera produces clear images even in poor light conditions.

NESA CDD-IR Infra-Red night reverse camera

(The NESA CCD-IR flush mounted backup camera)

The High Resolution Infrared Camera (CCD-IR) is designed to offer a horizontal resolution of 420 TV Lines and has 512(H) x 492(V) effective pixels. In addition, this high resolution infrared camera has a sensing area of 4.9mm x 3.7mm and is weatherproof and water resistant.

Another passenger vehicle reversing camera is the NESA CCD-DUAL170.  It is a versatile CCD micro camera supplied with 2 heads to allow for a choice of mounting options. The butterfly mount is used to screw to number plates or under tailgate handles while the spare head allows you to flush mount into the bumper.

The high resolution sensor with 750 TV lines and 976 x 592 pixels. The camera cable connects via a mini plug to allow threading through small drill holes.

NESA CCD-Dual170 reverse camera flush mount or butterfly

(The NESA CCD-Dual170 reverse camera flush mount or raised mounted – butterfly)

Video monitors / screens (suitable for passenger and commercial vehicles)

In order to view the reversing video you need a monitor (screen) mounted near the driver in the vehicle.

Neltronics offers a wide range of display solutions to meet the unique needs of today’s motorists.

Some of the most popular monitors that we offer include the NSM-40WM, NRM-564, NSM-7300AHD, NSM-7451QT, NSM-7360WM and NSM-90GPSDVR. These monitors are designed to provide drivers with clear images to enable them to reverse safely and more confidently.

NESA NSM-40WM reverse monitor windscreen vehicle mount

(The NESA NSM-40WM 4.3″ LCD windscreen mount monitor for passenger and commercial vehicles)

NESA NRM-564 dash mount reverse monitor

(The NESA NRM-564 5.6″ LCD dash mount monitor for passenger and commercial vehicles)

Commercial vehicle monitors and screens

Neltronics offers a broad range of vehicle monitors and screens for commercial vehicles.  Both single screen monitors and quad screens (for viewing multiple camera video at once) are available.

NESA NSM-7300 reverse backup monitor

(The NSM-7300AHD 7 inch 1080p AHD 12v-32v LCD screen for commercial vehicles)

NSM-90GPSDVR vehicle 4 (quad) video screen with drive recorder DVR

(The NSM-90GPSDVR vehicle 4 (quad) video screen with integrated drive recorder DVR)

Check out our standard screens and monitors for additional models that Neltronics offers. NESA also offers HD monitors and cameras, see the HD range here.

Backup video mirrors

Apart from monitors, we also offer a wide range of high quality mirror-like screens including NESA NSR-43LAD, NSR-4CLIP, NSR-42D, NSR-43R, and NSR-73R models. These screens are designed to replace existing ordinary mirrors.

The video screen side has been designed to become reflective just like the rest of the mirror when not reversing.

Have a look at the Neltronics video mirror range.

NESA NSR-43R video mirror monitor screen replacement

(The NESA NSR-43R video mirror monitor screen replacement)

The performance of a reversing camera system is greatly determined by how the system is installed. To get the best results, it is advisable to order high quality cameras and screens and ensure that the system is installed by a professional auto electrician or car stereo installer. A poorly installed reversing camera system can mislead a driver.

Are you planning to equip your vehicle with a backup camera and not sure where to order from? Before ordering a reversing camera for your vehicle, it is important to know that not all products on the market offer the value they promise. Many motorists have purchased counterfeits and low quality reversing cameras without knowing. To avoid the headaches that come with such products, it is advisable to order your product from a reputable dealer.

Neltronics has a long history of providing Australian motorists with high quality after-market products. Our products are specially tailored to deliver value and suit the needs of Australian motorists. We offer a wide range of high quality reversing camera systems for passenger and commercial vehicles.

Reversing fatalities, injuries, and property damages can be avoided by installing a suitable reversing camera system. A backup camera allows a driver to have a better view of the part that is blocked by the rear part of a vehicle. This camera helps to prevent driveway deaths, injuries, property damages, and damages to your vehicle when you are reversing.

Neltronics offers a wide selection of high quality backup cameras and truck cameras. Contact us today to enquire more about our vehicle reversing systems or any other product.