Escort Live

The award-winning Escort Live radar detector app gives you the most advanced real-time protection on the road. You and your fellow drivers instantly communicate all radar/laser encounters automatically, providing you with the most up-to-date and accurate protection possible. Imagine thousands of other drivers helping you Drive Smarter. Plus, with alerts for known red light and speed cameras, this is cutting edge protection. There’s no reason to drive without it.

Note: Premium subscription is included for free for Australian and New Zealand customers with purchase of a compatible Escort product, no annual subscription required. Some Premium Features listed on the app store do not apply to Australia and New Zealand – Speed limit data and Live traffic only available in North America.

Compatible products include: Redline 360c, Redline EX, Max 360c (NZ only), Escort IXc (NZ only), Beltronics GT-1 (NZ only), Max CI, also older models – Max 360, Escort IX

Live Alerts On Your Phone

ESCORT Live offers these features free to all users:

  • NOW with GPS Navigation
  • “Police Spotted” speed trap alerts
  • Mobile and fixed-position traffic enforcement camera alerts
  • Share your threat reports in the ESCORT Live™ network
  • ESCORT’s patented Mark Location™ feature allows drivers to receive automatic reminders for previously marked threats
  • Multiple map and dashboard views on your smartphone
  • Easily access your Escort radar detector’s settings and manage alerts directly from your phone
  • Receive real-time alerts from other detector users in the area
  • Detailed threat information including time sensitive, colour coded warning icons
  • Our patented GPS full-feature set including: vehicle speed, over speed limit alerts, compass and directional headings
  • Easily connect to ESCORT’s class leading windshield mount radar detectors

The free Escort Live app is available on both Apple iOS and Android.

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