Are you are looking for something that will give your passengers a memorable experience and make them want to come back? If your answer is yes, then consider installing a good multimedia system.  Statistics show that majority of today’s travelers prefer vehicles with quality bus video displays and audio systems.

A coach entertainment system keeps your passengers happy and enables your business to stay ahead of the competition. For best results, you should play content that suits the needs of your passengers.

Affordable Australia bus video displays with multimedia

A good movie or a documentary can keep your passengers entertained and eliminate boredom. With good bus video displays and audio systems, you can play multimedia content that will keep your passengers entertained through the journey.

Tourists like to know more about the places they are visiting. To keep them informed, you can play for them historical documentaries about the places they are visiting. Alternatively, you can keep them engaged with interactive multimedia. In addition, the system makes it easier for tour guides to interact with tourists.

Bus and coach video displays entertainment for passengers

Are you looking for a system that will help to boost your marketing campaigns? A bus video system enables you to advertise to your passengers with ease. It is suitable for your advertisements as well as sponsored ads. Moreover, the system allows you to play ads at specific intervals.

A multimedia player and a display are the two key components of a bus entertainment system. When selecting a player or a display for your bus or coach, it is important to consider many factors including available inputs, ports, and compatibility with your vehicle’s power supply.

If you need a media player for your bus/coach entertainment system, Neltronics offers multiple quality options.

For a combo media player and roof mount screen unit have a look at this model…

The NESA NSC-156 is a 15.6″ screen and media combo with an in-built DVD player, RCA and HDMI video inputs and also has a USB socket for playing video also.

It comes with a full function remote control and the unit is available in dark grey.

NESA NSC-156 ceiling mount DVD player

(The NESA NSC-156 is a 15.6″ roof mount screen and DVD and media player).

A range of other NESA DVD and media player combo units are available.  Check them out them here.

Neltronics also offers a wide range of bus video displays. The following are some of the most popular displays: NSB-1851, NSB-1925M, NSB-1909M, and NSB-2200M.

The NSB-1851 is an 18.5″ LED display that offers high resolution and brightness. It is optimized to consume low power and is designed to operate on 12V or 24V. This makes it a suitable option for a wide range of models. Moreover, the NSB-1851 is extremely slim and offers brightness of 250cd/m2 and a screen resolution of 1366(H) x 768(V). Check specifications of the NSB-1851 for more details about this display for bus and coach multimedia systems.

NSB-1851 coach media video monitor screen 18.5 inch

(The NSB-1851 is a fixed wall mounted 18.5″ LED display)

In case you are looking for a flexible display for your bus or coach video system, then you should consider the NSB-1925M. This 18.5” LED display offers uniform brightness (250cd/m2), high resolution (1366(H) x 768(V)), and fast response period (5ms). Moreover, the NSB-1925M display features an intelligent motor system that allows you to adjust screen angle using a remote control. This display for bus DVD systems consumes 60W. For more details about this monitor, check specifications of the NSB-1925M.

NSB-1925M coach and bus media LCD monitor

(The NSB-1925M is a motorised 18.5″ ceiling drop down LED display)

If you are looking for a display with HDMI input, then the NSB-1909M is a suitable choice. This 19” display is designed to operate on 24V and offers brightness of 350cd/m2. Its stepper motor allows the user to adjust the display to a suitable viewing angle using a remote control. Furthermore, the NSB-1909M bus DVD system allows the user to play Full HD 1080p video through HDMI input. With this bus entertainment system in your vehicle, you can be guaranteed that your passengers will be happy. Check specifications of the NSB-1909M for more information about this motorized monitor.

NESA NSB-1909M motorised coach and bus media monitor

(The NSB-1909M is a motorised 19″ ceiling drop down LED display)

The NSB-2200M is a 22” motorized display that offers a HDMI input and operates on either 12V or 24V power supply. This display can play Full HD 1080p and offers brightness of 350cd/m2. It features a stepper motor that allows the user to set a suitable viewing angle using a remote control. Its features make it an unmatched option for use in coach entertainment systems. Check specifications of the NSB-2200M for more information about this display.

NESA NSB-2200M motorised coach bus media monitor 22 inch

(The NSB-2200M is a motorised 22″ full HDD LED display which can be hidden from view)

The online market has a wide range of multimedia players and displays. Most people don’t know that these coach entertainment systems are low quality products. Do not be lured into buying a low quality multimedia player or display for your vehicle.

In case you are looking for a high quality bus video displays and audio systems, then you should contact Neltronics. We offer a wide range of high quality products to Australian motorists. Our bus multimedia displays are designed to give you value for your money.

Bus video displays and audio systems enables you to keep your passengers entertained and informed. This system can also help you to boost revenue through advertisements.

Neltronics has a wide range of options for all bus and coach operators.

Check out this link to multimedia players for a complete list of multimedia players that Neltronics offers. Whether you are looking for a DVD player or an SD card player, we have a suitable solution for you.

Contact us today for more information about our products.