Featurev928iRedline EXMax 360cMax CI
K Band Range*******************
Ka Band Range*******************
Laser Range********½****½****½
Laser Shifting----
MultaRadar CD Detection-Yes-Yes
Gatso Detection-Yes-Yes
GPS Antenna-YesYesYes
Escort Live Integration (Bluetooth)-YesYesYes
Fixed Speed Camera Warning-YesYesYes
Red Light Camera Warning-YesYesYes
AutoLearn False Alert Lock Outs-YesYesYes
Manual False Alert Lock Outs-YesYesYes
IVT Filtering
(Collision Avoidance, Adaptive Cruise Control)
Undetectable to RDD’s-Yes-Yes
Disable Radar/Laser (GPS Only Mode)-Yes-Yes
Antenna/Sensor ConfigurationRadar: Single Front
Laser: Front & Rear
Radar: Dual Front
Laser: Front & Rear
Radar: Front & Rear
Laser: Front & Rear
Radar: Dual Front
Laser: Front
Alert LampYes (Button Lamps)Yes (Strip LED)4 Way Directional ArrowsDash mounted display
Voice AlertsYesYesYesYes
GPS Vehicle Speed Display-YesYesYes
DisplayRed LEDOLED Multi ColourOLED Multi ColourOLED Multi Colour
RegionPerth MetroAustralia Wide*Perth Metro & Rural WAAustralia Wide*

*The use of the radar and laser detection features may be illegal in some states. Check applicable laws before using. Escort and its partners cannot be held liable for the illegal use of radar and laser detection features by an owner in jurisdictions where it is prohibited.