Statistics show that the number of motorists who are caught for over-speeding is increasing.  This increase is mainly due to the advanced speed cameras that Australian traffic authorities are using now.

Prevent lost licence with a radar detector

In Australia, traffic police use various technologies to catch speeding motorists. The most commonly used speed detection technologies include radar, laser, and P2P technologies.

The radar, laser, and P2P speed detection systems used by Australian authorities are highly advanced, and this has made it difficult for motorists to escape these speed traps.

To boost your safety on the road and avoid penalties, it is advisable to invest in a device that helps you to monitor the speed of your car while you are driving thereby allowing you to pay closer attention to the road.

These laser and radar speed detectors come in vastly different designs and with different capabilities. Since the speed detection technology is advancing rapidly, it is advisable to invest in a high-tech radar/laser detector such as the Escort Redline EX.

best speed camera detector the Escort Redline EX

(the Escort Redline EX International advanced laser and radar detector customised for Australian use)

Only motorists with high tech radar/laser detectors such as the Redline EX are able to avoid such speed detection equipment.

Traffic authorities are using high-tech speed camera equipment in nearly all Australian roads.  Whether you are driving on a road in Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, or any other part of Australia, the likelihood of encountering these advanced systems is high.

As a result, the number of motorists who are caught for over-speeding has increased sharply. With a powerful radar/laser detector such as the Redline EX, you can use any road without worrying that you will unknowingly exceed the speed limit and fall into the trap.

The Redline EX is optimized to meet the needs of today’s motorists. It utilizes two antennas and offers superior sensitivity and range. The fast response of the Redline EX allows you to respond before the speed cameras have measured the speed of your car. With this detector’s long range, you can slow your vehicle long before you are caught for over-speeding.

Driving in new locations can be stressful because you don’t know the places with fixed speed cameras and red light cameras.

To allow you to drive on such roads more safely and comfortably, the Redline EX comes with a database of locations with speed detection systems. This makes it easy for you to drive in unfamiliar places. Moreover, this high-tech detector utilizes patented anti-falsing technology to reject false alarms.

Are you looking for a radar/laser detector that cannot be detected by radar detector detectors (RDDs)?

If your answer is yes, then the Redline EX is the ONLY choice. This powerful detector uses TotalShield™ Technology to ensure that it is undetectable by RDDs.

Also, the radar/laser functionality of this detector can be disabled easily. In GPS-only mode, it’s legal to use this device in all parts of Australia.

The alerts provided by a radar/laser detector are displayed on a screen. The Redline EX features a multi-color OLED display. The design of this display allows you to monitor alerts easily and respond quickly.

Escort Redline EX speed camera display led

In addition, the Bluetooth feature of the Redline EX allows Escort live integration.

Radar and laser detectors with Escort Live mobile app

This powerful detector uses two antennas and offers superior sensitivity to enable you to monitor the speed of your car and drive more safely and confidently.

This radar/laser detector features a database of locations with speed detection installations.

Escort Live mobile app with database of speed camera locations

(the mobile app shows the locations of mobile, fixed and red light speed cameras)

Visit the product’s page, Escort Redline EX, for more information about this advanced Australian radar/laser detector.

If you are planning to buy a radar/laser detector for your car, then you should be aware that some detectors on the market are counterfeit products. These low quality radar/laser detectors are mostly sold on grey markets such as eBay. Since these products are of low quality, they actually don’t work properly, giving you a false sense of security – AND more speeding fines!

To avoid unnecessary wasted money on fines and potential loss of your vehicle licence, it is advisable to order your product from a reputable Escort radar dealer in Australia.

Neltronics offers a wide range of high quality radar/laser detectors. Our products are customised to meet the needs of today’s Australian motorists.

Apart from the Redline EX, we also have other high-tech radar/laser detectors such as the Escort Max 360 and the Escort iX which are better suited for Western Australian motorists.

Check our radar detectors comparison chart for a detailed comparison of the  radar/laser detectors that we offer.

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