Nothing worse than hitting a pole, tree or other fixed object that you couldn’t see when you were reversing your car.

Take for example, the field of view we are accustomed to while driving a vehicle and the numerous blind spots that we have grown familiar with having.

When moving in reverse we are in the habit of checking our rear view mirror and perhaps adjusting the side view mirrors in order to see items in our path of travel.  We have gotten in the habit of slowly moving in reverse once we have done these checks, fully cognizant that the area directly behind the vehicle could be occupied.  Many of us may have at some point in our driving lives had the misfortune of hearing a crunch as our vehicle ran over an object that was in the blind spot of our vehicle and had to witness that accidental destruction of a bike or child’s toy we were unable to see.

By sticking to our habitual driving patterns and accepting this norm we are all poised to one day encounter this situation, but with vehicle reverse cameras we can avoid this misfortune and reveal a whole new field of view behind our automobiles.

Vehicle reverse cameras operate by providing a real time image of the area directly behind the vehicle allowing us to back in confidence knowing that we have increased our field of view and eliminated those blind spots where obstacles provide.  These valuable tools are available to anyone who wants to break from the norm and stop living with annoying obstacles that could hide potential disasters.

Sometimes habits are good, but living with blind spots when driving in reverse is not one of those times; create a new habit and see clearly when traveling in reverse and allow you and your driver’s peace of mind that they will not inadvertently crush an object hiding in their path.