Neltronics Driver Recorders Capture High Resolution Video

Drive recorder provides evidence of responsibility and clarification of car accidents, surveillance or investigation. It also monitors the drivers’ behaviour and encourages safer driving.

We, at Neltronics, have come up with heavy duty, commercial drive recorder which can connect upto four cameras. each with an individual trigger to record real time video. These are easy to mount under the seat or other compartments.

Neltronics offers a wide range of drive recorder with various gadgets. Some driver recorder come up with touch screen monitor with 4 channel drive recorder, some offer dual camera full HD dash cam and multi-channel DVR with live video streaming and GPS tracking MDVR.

An aftermarket driver recorder has a wide angle high resolution camera, smart recording modes, built-in internal flash memory, easy-to-use back up and PC software. In-built GPS in the drive recorder tracks your vehicle’s statistics in real time, records the vehicle’s routes and displays them on Google maps.