Heads Up Display – GPS (HUD-GPS1)

Heads Up Display – GPS (HUD-GPS1)

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The HUD GPS is a simple plug and play speedometer display that sits on your dash and displays the information by reflecting against a reflective film that is applied to the windscreen. The speed displayed is very accurate as it is true GPS speed. The bright, large and easy to read display is always in the driver’s line of sight so they never have to take their eyes off the road. Also displays a compass/heading. Compatible with any vehicle. Can be hardwired.

  • Speed and compass/heading display
  • Speed data is transmitted via GPS
  • Non-slip back dashboard mount
  • Reflective windscreen film (120mm x 90mm)
  • Easy to read, large, bright LCD display
  • Automatic on/off
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Adjustable over speed alert