Auto Camera Switcher for Caravans & Trailers (4PIN-AUTOSW)

Auto Camera Switcher for Caravans & Trailers (4PIN-AUTOSW)

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The 4PIN-AUTOSW Auto Camera Switch for Caravan’s and Trailer’s takes the headache out of having to install manual switches to alternate between secondary cameras connected to a caravan or trailer. The 4PIN-AUTOSW will switch to the second camera automatically when it’s connected. For a seamless setup, using the WOZAHYB01 Woza Cable* for your trailer/caravan makes connecting the second camera a breeze. Just plug in and you’re set. When no Woza Cable is connected, the vehicle’s camera (CAM 1) will be displayed on the monitor as normal. When Woza Cable is connected, the trailer/caravan (CAM 2) will be displayed automatically. Both video and audio pass-through. The 4PIN-AUTOSW is also fully waterproof.

*Woza Cable (WOZAHYB01) is sold separately.

The 4PIN-AUTOSW is compatible and tested with all Nesa AHD and CVBS cameras.

Connectors on the 4PIN-AUTOSW are all 4Pin Aviation type. Many different adapter cables are available for different plugs, DIN, RCA etc. Most common camera and monitor connectors are RCA, in which case the adapters F4PIN-MRCA (camera cable adapters) x2 and M4PIN-MRCABW (monitor cable adapter) would be required. Contact us when purchasing so we can make sure you are getting the correct adapter cable to suit your cameras.



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