The road speed detection technology is evolving at a lightning-fast rate. As a result, the Police speed cameras of yesteryear have been replaced by highly advanced speed detection systems.

Police have rolled out these high tech devices in almost every part of Australia, exposing more motorists to risk of hefty penalties. With these high tech systems, it is more difficult for speeding motorists to escape the police dragnet.

Police rear radar road speed detection

Raptor RP radar speed equipment which can read vehicle speed from behind (rear).  Picture courtesy Western Australian police (Twitter).

For motorists, driving while keeping a close eye on the speedometer is not a solution. An advanced radar/laser detector is all you need.

Whether you are in Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales, or any other part of Australia, you are at a high risk of  falling into the police trap. Traffic police are investing in new and more powerful speed detection systems every day. They are using different speed detection technologies to ensure that no speeding motorist escapes their trap.

This list of speed measuring equipment provides you with all the details that you need to know about the speed detection systems used by Australian law enforcement. Considering that the consequences of falling into the police trap are dire, you can’t afford to drive without a suitable laser or radar detector. A radar/laser detector allows you to drive more confidently even when you are driving on an unfamiliar road.

Are there radar/laser detectors that match the advanced technology of today’s speed detection systems?

Yes, manufacturers of radar detection equipment have not been left behind. The latest radar/laser detectors have advanced features.

With a suitable detector such as the Escort Max 360 International, you can drive on any road without worrying that you will exceed the speed limit and fall into the police trap. Instead of keeping your eyes on the speedometer, a radar/laser detector monitors the speed for you, allowing you to drive more attentively, with all your focus on the road.

Escort Max 360 laser radar detector speed road device

Escort Max 360 radar and laser detector (front, side and rear detection)

In the past, the best radar/laser detectors were expensive and required to be installed by a professional. Today’s portable radar/laser detectors are not less powerful as compared to fixed detectors.

In fact, some portable detectors such as the Escort Max 360 and the Escort Redline Ex offer better features as compared to custom installed detectors.

Furthermore, it is easy to install a portable radar/laser detector, and you can move the device from one car to another within a short time. Neltronics offers a wide range of portable radar/laser detectors. For more details on the products offered by Neltronics, you can check this detector comparison chart.

Since Australian traffic police use both radar and laser speed detection systems, it is important to have a safety device that can detect both signals.

The Escort Max 360 is a powerful detector that is capable of sensing both radar and laser signals as well as detecting front and rear radar and front and rear laser gun signals.

Furthermore, this detector is capable of measuring signals in both K and Ka bands. This capability allows you to drive more confidently since your device can detect signals from any speed detection equipment.

Escort radar detector max 360 blue dispay with speed

(this is an example of a radar detector display showing the GPS speed of the car and the radar gun signal being detected on the Ka band)

The Escort Max 360 is designed to suit the needs of all motorists. It offers you three modes and allows you to change from one mode to another depending on your driving situation.

he three modes are city, highway, and auto-sensitivity mode. The city mode is optimized to sense false alerts while the highway mode offers the highest sensitivity. The auto-sensitivity mode is optimized to provide you with maximum protection. This mode combines aspects of both city and highway modes to ensure that motorists who drive in mixed situations are well protected.

If you are looking for a radar/laser detector that is tailored for the Australian motorist, then the Escort Max 360 is an unmatched option. Besides its capability to detect both radar and laser signals, this radar/laser detector comes with a database of fixed speed and red light speed detection systems.

You, therefore, don’t need to memorize locations that have speed detection systems. In addition, it is easy to update the database of your equipment. You just need a computer with internet connection and a USB cable.

What makes the Escort Max 360 one of the most reliable radar/laser detectors? This detector offers long detection range and fast response time. It detects a signal and alerts you immediately, thereby giving you enough time to react.

Moreover, the Max 360 features a high definition display and employs advanced digital signal processing to minimize false alerts.

Therefore, if you are looking for a detector that will outperform the latest technologies in speed detection, the Escort Max 360 is the equipment to go for.

Are you looking for a detector that will give you value for your money? If your answer is yes, then you should avoid grey-market products. Grey-markets are known to offer counterfeits consumer products and obsolete detectors.

Neltronics offers a wide range of high quality radar/laser detectors that are customised for Australian and New Zealand motorists.