Radar detector technology has come a long way since its inception. They get more advanced and more sophisticated every year with new technologies and better design. There’s one radar detector in particular that blows away every other competing model.

Before we talk specifics, why do you need a radar detector? A radar/laser detector can actually serve as safety equipment for your vehicle. It can help you monitor your speed if you ever lose track of your speedometer. With a radar/laser detector, you can pay closer attention to both your speed and the road. It goes without saying that when you’re driving at a safe speed, it benefits you, your passengers, and the other drivers you share the road with.

In the past, if you wanted a really good radar detector, you had to get one custom installed. They were expensive to buy and install. Today there’s a radar/laser detector that’s portable and attaches right to your windshield that’s just as powerful as some custom install detectors.

The Escort Passport Max is quite simply the most advanced portable radar/laser detector on the market. It has features that no other competitors can offer at any price point. Don’t be intimidated by its power, one of its biggest strengths is its ease of use.


best detector in the world

The Passport Max detects both radar and laser signals. Why do you need both? Radar and laser are both used by law enforcement in Australia and New Zealand (full list here) and you need a device that can detect both kinds of signals. This Escort radar detector can detect the K band and Ka band – the two radar bands used for measuring speed. You’ll be warned about signals long before you see the source.

Three modes make the Passport Max versatile in any driving situation. The modes are highway, city, and auto-sensitivity. When it’s in city mode, it looks out for false alerts that could trigger the detector. When it’s in highway mode, the detector is set to its highest sensitivity and warns you about more signals that it picks up. Auto mode does just that – it determines the right kind of protection you need based on the speed you are traveling (via the GPS) and it’s a good mode to leave it in if you do a lot of mixed driving.

This detector doesn’t just protect you from radar and laser signals. It also comes preloaded with a comprehensive database of fixed speed cameras and red light cameras. Most portable and some custom detectors don’t even have a feature like that. The database is updated regularly and can be downloaded directly to the Passport Max via your computer using a USB cable.

This radar/laser detector not only has an extremely long range of detection, but it also has a faster response time than its competitors. The time it takes to detect a signal and warn you about it happens faster than the blink of an eye so you can react fast.

Greater sensitivity and accurate signal recognition means nothing gets past the Passport Max. If there’s a signal you need to worry about, this radar/laser detector will find it and warn you about it immediately.

One of the most noticeable features of the Escort Passport Max that makes it stand out from other radar/laser detectors is the multi-color OLED screen. While most radar/laser detectors – even the really good ones – have a rather simple LED display, the Passport Max has a high definition screen displaying important information. When it picks up a signal, it tells you exactly what it’s picking up. User selectable background colours make it customizable to match the interior of your vehicle. It can even work as a GPS speedometer.

max display
Speaking of GPS, the Escort Passport Max uses GPS technology to mark locations. When it picks up a radar or laser signal from someplace like a service station or supermarket automatic door, it remembers that location, stores the GPS coordinates and signal frequency and doesn’t bother warning you about it in future. The GPS works with advanced high-speed digital signal processing to reduce false alert. It only warns you about signals that you need to worry about.

On the flip side of that, it removes radio frequency noise and background interference to see radar and laser threats that competitor detectors will never see. For other detectors, it’s easy for harmful signals to get lost in radio frequency interference, but that’s not an issue with the Escort Passport Max and its advanced military technology. It uniquely identifies radar and laser signatures so it knows what’s really a threat and what you don’t need to worry about.

On top of all of that, Neltronics offers a one-year warranty and you get updatable software so you’re always up to date.

Escort has over thirty years in leading the radar detector industry, and it shows in every detail of the Passport Max. No other technology compares to what Escort managed to pack into the amazing Passport Max. If you need the very best portable windscreen mount radar/laser detector, this is hands down your best option.


For more info on the Escort Passport Max, click here.