Do you find it difficult to monitor the speed of your car while driving? If your answer is yes, then you are not alone. Many motorists find it difficult to monitor speed while paying close attention to the road. Many of them have been penalized by traffic authorities for exceeding the speed limit.

What’s the best speed camera detector to monitor the speed of your car and allow you drive more safely?

High-tech radar/laser detector devices are optimized to detect signals from the advanced speed cameras employed by today’s traffic authorities.

In Australia, police use different speed detection technologies to catch speeding motorists.

Australian best speed camera detector models in use

(fixed location speed detection example)

A high-tech radar/laser detector is capable of detecting signals from different speed detection systems, thereby helping you to avoid falling into the trap of traffic authorities.

Australian police use highly sophisticated equipment to catch speeding motorists. These devices come in different designs and are based on different technologies. Whereas some speed detection equipment are designed to be installed permanently at specific locations, others are mobile and can be deployed anywhere.

Some speed cameras are mounted on vehicles and it is not easy to know where to expect them.

Mobile police laser speed detector trapping cars and vehicles

(police also use mobile laser and radar speed guns)

A powerful radar/laser detector such as the Escort Max 360 monitors the speed of your car and detects threats long before they can measure your speed.

Escort Max 360 speed radar and laser detector front view

The most commonly used speed detection systems are based on radar and laser technologies. A radar speed camera uses radar signals to determine the speed of a moving car while a laser speed detector use laser signals.

These detectors measure speed by determining the time of the return signal back to the radar or laser speed gun. Some locations use one type of speed detection technologies while others use a combination of two or more technologies.  Also – police from other divisions and locations have access to various different

It is therefore important to invest in the best speed camera detector that is capable of detecting signals from different speed detection systems.

Read our article on how radar detectors work to learn the fundamentals of speed cameras.

The Escort Max 360 is a high-tech radar/laser detector that is designed to enable motorists to monitor speed more easily and conveniently. This detector offers superior accuracy and allows you to detect threats with high precision.

Its fast response time allows you to have enough time to respond. Also, this radar/laser detector has front and rear antennas meaning it’s capable of detecting signals from all directions, hence the name “360” meaning 360 degrees of protection.

Escort Max 360 radar detector side view

(the Escort Max 360 laser/radar detector ideal for use in the Perth metro and regional WA areas – 100% legal to use)

Since Australian authorities are currently using different speed detection technologies, it is advisable to buy a powerful detector that is capable of detecting signals from different types of speed cameras.

In all other Australian states, the best speed camera detector is actually the GPS model with stored (database) of all fixed laser and radar speed cameras.

best speed camera detector the Escort Redline EX

(the Escort Redline laser/radar detector best for use in eastern Australian states – in GPS only mode, or standard mode in Western Australia)

Traffic police are using speed detectors in almost all roads in Australia. If you are new to a road, you are more likely to find yourself in the trap of the traffic police. If that happens, you can be fined or even lose your license.

The Max 360 is designed to help you to drive more comfortably even on unfamiliar WA roads. Its database of speed cameras and red light cameras enables motorists to know the locations that are likely to have a speed detection system. Moreover, this radar/laser detector features a multi-color OLED display that allows you to monitor alerts with ease.

Visit the Neltronics product’s page, Escort Max 360, for more information about the Max 360.

If you are planning to enhance your safety on the road by investing in a radar/laser detector, then it is important to select a high quality product.

To avoid low quality products, it is advisable not to go for grey market products. They are either used products or counterfeits.

In addition, it is not easy to get a product that is optimized for motorists in your country. If you are looking for a detector that will give you value for your money, then you should order one from a reputable dealer.

Since 1989, Neltronics has been providing Australian motorists with high quality products, including the Escort international models of laser/radar detectors.

Escort supply the best speed camera detector models that are designed to meet the needs of today’s Australian motorists.

These high-tech detectors enable motorists to monitor speed with ease and drive more safely and comfortably.

Neltronics offers a wide range of aftermarket products to Australian motorists. Contact us for more information.