An essential piece of safety equipment you should consider for your vehicle is a radar/laser detector. A good radar/laser detector can improve the safety of your drive by helping you to monitor your speed. If you find yourself losing track of your speedometer or just don’t check it often enough, a radar/laser detector can help you keep a closer eye on your speed and pay closer attention to the road.

There are two common methods of speed detection; radar and laser (or LIDAR). Radar works by generating high-frequency radio waves, bouncing them off of objects, and returning the waves back. The radar machine uses that signal to figure out how fast a moving object was going. A LIDAR laser speed gun works in a similar way, but generates a series of light pulses and measures the time between the light pulse and the reflection. It’s two different ways to do the same thing.

Another modern way to detect speed is with point-to-point or P2P detection. P2P detection measures the speed of a vehicle over a distance rather than how fast it’s going at any one point in time. P2P speed cameras are very common in Australia.

What does that mean for the average driver? It means that one device that detects both radar and laser is the best way to protect yourself. Luckily, Neltronics offers a wide range of devices that do just that.

One of the most popular models is the Escort Redline Pro A. The Redline is both a radar detector and a laser detector. It’s been tuned and tested to maximize performance making it perfect for the Australian or New Zealander motorist.

Escort Redline

It’s earned a reputation of having the longest detection range compared to similarly priced models. This is mostly thanks to the dual antennas in front of the unit that can see radar and laser signals from a long distance.

Long range doesn’t mean much without a high sensitivity to detection. Luckily, the Escort Redline Pro A is also highly sensitive. That sensitivity combined with the long range of the dual antennas makes it one of the best radar/laser detectors on the market. It lets you know about radar and laser long before you’ll see the source of the signal.

You may have considered getting a fixed radar detection system hard-wired into your vehicle. While fixed systems have a few advantages, but they can be costly and intimidating to install. The Redline radar detector gives you the performance of a professionally installed fitted system in the form of a handy portable device.

There are many advantages of a portable device over a fixed unit. A portable laser detector is very easy for anybody to install. In the case of this Escort, just use the two suction cups to mount it to the inside of your windshield, plug it into the outlet, and the installation is done. No modifications need to be made to your car to accommodate it. You can also easily take it out of the car when you’re not using it.

Speaking of mounting, the dual suction cup design makes sure the Redline is secure at all times. Thanks to the magnesium body construction, this radar detector is strong but lightweight. That makes it even less likely to fall off of your windshield. In the unlikely event that it does, none of the internals will be damaged because of the strong magnesium body.

The magnesium chassis also makes the Redline undetectable to RDD’s – Radar Detector Detectors. The chassis stops any radio wave leakage from the radar detector which can be picked up by RDD’s. RDD’s are used by police in many states where radar detectors are illegal.

To help with false alerts, this detector includes segmented K and Ka bands. Unused bands can be turned off so only the radar bands used in your area are left on. That means better accuracy, less false alerts, more versatility, better protection and better safety. No more annoying noise when driving past service stations and supermarkets. To find what speed measuring devices are used in your area, we have compiled a full list of them all by state so you will know which K and Ka bands need to be left on – the full list is here.

Turn on this Escort Redline Pro A and you’ll be pleased with how easy it is to use. Even if you’ve never used a radar detector or a laser detector before, it’s easy to figure out. The options and controls are simple enough for anybody to use.

Once it’s mounted and up and running, the ultra-bright high definition display tells you what’s going on. It’s only bright when you need it to be, brightness is adjustable and it has a dark mode. If you’re determined to keep your eyes on the road – which we encourage – it has a clear voice and audio alerts to keep you up to date on whatever you need to know.

Finally, this Escort comes with a one year limited warranty so you can buy with peace of mind.

Now that you know a little more about radar detectors and laser detectors, do a little shopping around. Check out the Escort Redline Pro A and see if it’s right for you!