Many reversing fatalities are reported in different parts of the world every year. Although reversing collisions involve both moving and stationary objects, studies have shown that drivers are more likely to hit stationary objects. A reversing camera system helps to prevent collisions by reducing blind spots.

When reversing a truck, a driver can accidentally hit a pole, bicycle, child or anything else that is hidden from his view. Such cases are common in many parts of Australia and usually result in property damages or injuries.  You can avoid reversing collisions by equipping your ute with a suitable reversing camera system.

Neltronics Australia offers a wide range of reversing camera systems for commercial vehicles.

Some of the most popular reversing cameras for commercial vehicles that we offer include VCCD-UNIV-SPR, CCD073, CCD-IR, CCDW20, CCS501, ECC-8X, ECC-10X, and CCD-TTH17 models.

Check out our NESA reversing cameras for commercial vehicles link for more detailed information about the cameras that we offer.

The NESA Tailgate Surround with Integrated Camera (CCD-TTH17) is one of the most popular reversing cameras.  This camera replaces the tailgate handle on the ute, so there is no need to drill holes in your ute’s tailgate body just reuse the existing holes for the tailgate handle.

The CCD-TTH17 is suitable for both the Totota Hilux and Ford Ranger utes.

Toyota Hilux ute reversing camera system

(the NESA CCD-TTH17 Totota Hilux and Ford Ranger ute integrated reversing camera – see red marked box on the photo above)

The CCD-TTH17 is a water resistant reversing camera features a top-class CCD image sensor that produces high quality images. In addition, the CCD-TTH17 has a view angle of 170 degrees and a resolution of 520 TV Lines.

Check out the specification of the Tailgate Surround with Integrated Camera (CCD-TTH17) for more details about this product.

CCD-TTH17 Toyota Hilux ute reversing camera installation

(for the best results ask your local car alarm or auto electrician to fit the camera system for you)

After selecting a reversing camera for your vehicle, the next thing to look for is a suitable monitor or screen to display the video from the reversing camera.

You have a choice of fitting a small LCD screen to your dash or replacing your existing mirror with an integrated mirror and video screen.

NESA NSM-40WM reverse monitor windscreen vehicle mount

(an example of a windscreen mounted LCD screen)

NESA NRM-564 dash mount reverse monitor

(an example of a dash mounted LCD screen)

Neltronics Australia offers a wide selection of high quality monitors and screens to meet the diverse needs of today’s motorists. Some of our popular monitors include NSM-40WM, NRM-564, NSM-7300, NSM-7451QT and NSM-90GPSDVR models.

For more details about these monitors and screens that Neltronics offers, check screen and monitors for passenger and commercial vehicles.

In case you are planning to replace the ordinary mirror of your vehicle with mirror-like screens, then we have a wide selection of solutions for you.  The video screen becomes invisible when it is not displaying the reversing video so you will still have use of the entire mirror for regular forward direction driving.

Some of our most popular mirrors include NESA NSR-4CLIP, NSR-43R, NSR-73R, and NSR-N43 models.

NESA NSR-43R reversing mirror video monitor

(an example of an integrated video mirror)

For more details about these video mirrors, have a look at our screen and monitors for passenger and commercial vehicles.

If you are planning to equip your ute with a reversing camera system, then it is advisable to go for high quality products. Statistics show that most sellers of counterfeits and low quality after-market products prefer grey markets.

A sure way of avoiding low quality items and counterfeits is by ordering products from a reputable dealer. For more than two decades, Neltronics has been providing Australian motorists with high quality after-market products. We are committed to providing our customers with durable products that deliver value.

Studies have shown that using a reversing camera system is the most effective way of preventing reversing collisions. These camera systems help to reduce blind spots and enable drivers to have a better view when reversing.

Neltronics offers a wide selection of high quality reversing cameras for trucks and other commercial vehicles. Our products are optimised to give you value for your money. Contact us today for enquiries about our products.