Fleet management costs continue to rise and one of the major costs every manager faces today is the cost of fuel.  Fuel costs are at record highs and there is no indication that they will go down to the levels we saw in the past so the time is now to implement a fuel cost reduction strategy by using the features available on GPS tracking devices.

  • Slow down driving speeds
  • Fleet drivers tend to drive more slowly when they know that their travel speed is being monitored by GPS tracking devices and when your fleet drives more slowly they consume less fuel and are more efficient.
  • Avoid unnecessary delays
  • When you monitor the location of your fleet vehicles with GPS tracking devices you can instantly message your fleet when there is a traffic delay and provide an alternative route for them to take.  When you avoid having your fleet sit idle in traffic delays you will reduce the amount of fuel your fleet vehicles consume and will reduce your overall costs for fuelling your fleet vehicles.

GPS fleet tracking traffic jam

  • Reduce travel distance
  • When your fleet is in the field and you must service an additional customer you will be able to check the location of each of your available vehicles and select the vehicle closest to the customer’s location.  Doing this will reduce the miles your fleet vehicles must travel and increase customer satisfaction by providing fast customer service.
  • Optimise the travel route
  • GPS tracking devices enable you to monitor your fleet’s location and provide the quickest possible route to their next customer.  This two-way communication lets your fleet drivers continue on their way without having to stop and research their route while their vehicle idles wasting valuable fuel.

We cannot control the price of fuel but with GPS tracking devices we can manage our fleet vehicles and take steps to make our businesses operate more efficiently.