Many strange things happen on the roads daily, and most of them are not caught on camera.

Such encounters include heart-stopping near misses, crazy animal encounters, crazy driving, and horrible car crashes, to name but a few.

A dash cam records everything that you encounter while driving, and it can help you in case you are involved in a bad situation with another motorist, a pedestrian, or any other experience.

Dashcam records road travel accidents low light

A dash cam, also known as a car digital video recorder (DVR), is a combined video camera and recording unit that is usually mounted on the windscreen of a vehicle.

Hence the short name – “dash”  as in dash board of a car, and “cam” being short for camera.

After an accident, different witnesses have different versions of the story. A dash cam can help you to defend yourself if someone is trying to blame you. In such a situation, a video recording is all you need to prove your innocence. No one can accuse you falsely when you have a high quality video recording of what happened.

Many Australian motorists have been victims of extortion and insurance fraud.

In most cases, a person intentionally causes an accident and then tries to extort money from an innocent driver. Unless you have indisputable evidence, it is usually difficult to escape such fraudulent situations.

With a dash cam, it is easy to defend yourself and expose unscrupulous motorists and dangerous drivers.

This in-car camera system captures everything that you encounter while driving. It can record high quality video and audio and stores them on a memory card. In addition, this camera captures other details including date, time, speed, and GPS location.

As with most video recording systems, the video quality (resolution) is important.  In the photo above it’s difficult to see the licence plate numbers which may be crucial when reporting accidents to police and insurance companies.

Until recently, high resolution dash cams were expensive and many motorists could not afford them.

Today, the prices of these High Definition (HD) and Super High Definition (Super HD) in-vehicle video recording devices have dropped significantly.

To ensure that recording is continuous, dash cams are designed to erase oldest footage to create space for the latest video.  That time buffer gives you enough time to transfer important video to another storage device. Most windscreen mounted dashcams use SD type memory cards for storage.

Besides the basic features and how dash cams operate there are significant differences between dash cam models on the market.

Here are some examples…

The Neltronics CDV-350 is a 1296p Super HD Dash Cam is designed to provide clear and sharp footage at Super High Definition (Super HD) resolution.

This digital video recorder features an Ambarella A7L CPU and supports MicroSD cards of up to 128GB.

One of the best features of the CDV-350 is that it has a metal body making it a more reliable dashcam after many hot days in the sun than plastic body dashcams.

CDV-350GPS Dash cam exterior photo

The Neltronics CDV-350 is a 1296p Super HD Dash Cam

The CDV-350 has a GPS feature that allows you to know the location and speed of your vehicle at the time of the video recording. In addition, the 1296p Super HD Dash Cam has a lane departure warning system (LDWS) and a forward collision warning system (FCWS) to enhance your safety on the road. Check out the Neltronics 1296p Super HD Dashcam product page for more specs.

If you are looking for a camera that records BOTH front and rear video, then the Cobra CDR895D Dual Camera Dash Cam is a good choice.

This dashcam recorder can split the screen to show you the front and rear playback at the same time.  The Cobra dash cam software also allows you to view the split video on your PC.

cobra cdr895d both cameras

The Cobra CDR895D Dual Camera Dash Cam

The front camera captures Full HD 1080p video while the rear one records HD 720p video. In addition, this in-car camera offers lane departure warning system (LDWS) and supports MicroSD cards of up to 32GB. For more details about the Cobra CDR895D Dual Camera, visit its product page.

In case you are looking for a high performance dash cam, then you should consider the Waylens Horizon Performance Dash Cam. Apart from capturing high quality video, this state-of-the-art digital video recorder is a lap timer and a vehicle performance logger.

The Waylens Horizon Performance Dash Cam

Moreover, the Waylens Horizon Performance Dash Cam is WiFi-enabled and captures 1080p, 60fps video.

Check out the Waylens Horizon Performance Dash Cam’s product page for more details about this dash cam.

When selecting a dash cam for your vehicle, it is important to ensure that you invest in a high quality product. To avoid counterfeits and poor quality dash cams, it is advisable to order products from reputable suppliers.  Neltronics has a proven track record of providing Australian motorists with high quality products.

Statistics show that cases of extortion and insurance fraud are on the rise. A dash cam can protect you from extortion and wrongful prosecution.

These cameras can also provide evidence if you are involved in an accident. If you want to enhance your safety on the road or parking area, then you need a dash cam. Visit the Neltronics dash cams’ products page for a complete list of high quality dash cams and drive recorders.

For more information about dashcams check out the Dash cam Buyers Guide.