HUDWAY Cast – Wireless Head Up Display for Smartphones (HUD-Cast)

HUDWAY Cast – Wireless Head Up Display for Smartphones (HUD-Cast)

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HUDWAY Cast is a portable head-up display for your car to get directions, receive calls, texts and control your music in a safer and easier way. It works wirelessly with both iOS and Android devices: you always see your directions in your line of sight, while your phone acts as a quick-access control panel

Gives a real head-up display feel
The image from HUDWAY Cast display is taken to a lens which enlarges it to 50cm and focuses the virtual image about 2.8m in front of you. This way, it feels easier for your eyes to readjust focus from the road to the projection



Bright and contrast image in any conditions
A display 20 times brighter than a smartphone screen gives an excellent full colour projection even on a sunny day — on a completely transparent lens. The display brightens and dims automatically, and the projection quality does not depend on how bright your smartphone screen is



Connects to any smartphone, mirrors any app
It wirelessly connects to any smartphone that supports Miracast or Airplay — and that means virtually all modern smartphones. Pairing with a smartphone is very easy, as both iOS and Android devices allow to cast the screen image to an external display wirelessly with just a swipe and a tap



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