Fleetminder 3G Plug & Go GPS Tracking Device (OBD300)

Fleetminder 3G Plug & Go GPS Tracking Device (OBD300)

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The OBD300 is a GPS & NextG/3G intelligent on-board diagnostic device compatible with passenger and light commercial vehicles. No installation costs, just plug in to the vehicles OBDII port. Not only does the OBD300 provide real-time vehicle tracking (subscription required), but can read diagnostic info from vehicle ECU, speed and RPM data, hard acceleration/braking, mileage and fuel consumption information. A simple SMS command can return a Google Maps link back to your phone for on demand location on the go. The OBD-300 can also alert you if the device is removed by the driver. Supplied with a panic duress button. Standard size SIM card required. Price is for hardware only, does not include tracking subscription, contact us for more details.

  • Simple GPS tracking
  • Powered by vehicle’s OBD II port
  • Built-in 3G mobile network and GPS communication
  • Location on demand (SMS reporting) or optional live web mapping
  • Transmits engine data (vehicle dependent and requires the web tracking subscription)
  • Built-in backup battery

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  • Live mapping
  • Tracking data intervals down to every minute (when vehicle is moving)
  • Easy geo-fencing (zone) setup, sites and general alerts
  • Trip history and reports:
  • Standard reports: basic status and last/total trip information
  • FREE mobile app

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  • Power: 9-30v DC
  • Operating temp: -20° ~ +55° C
  • Amps: 36mA
  • GPS: Internal antenna,
  • Modem: GSM 850/900/18001900 MHz
  • Includes panic button
  • Dimensions: 58mm x 45mm x 23mm
  • Certifications: CE, FCC, ATICK, ROHS compliant
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