When we think of safety equipment in a vehicle, we usually think of seat belts, airbags, or other traditional car safety gear. But what about protection from speeding into an accident or other dangerous situation? Having a radar/laser detector in your car can help you keep your speed at a safe level without always having to check your speedometer.

You might be wondering if you really need a device that detects both radar and laser signals. Laser guns have become the most common method of speed detection by law enforcement because of its speed and accuracy. However, radar is still used throughout Australia and New Zealand. Both radar and laser use a similar methodology for detecting speed by measuring a signal that comes out of the gun and bounces off of your vehicle (read our article on how radar and laser devices work).

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So how can you protect yourself? There are generally two types of radar/laser detectors; fixed (or custom installed) and portable. Fixed is a great option for performance vehicles, but they’re expensive and you usually need to get them professionally installed.

For everyday use for the average driver, a portable radar/laser detector is the way to go. Installation is simple, the cost is lower, and it can easily be moved to different vehicles. Just take it out of the box, follow the easy directions, and you’re ready to go.

Neltronics offers some of the best portable radar detectors and laser detectors you can get in Australia and New Zealand. When you shop with Neltronics, you can be confident you’re getting the best money can buy. Escort Radar has been manufacturing the world’s best radar/laser detectors for over 30 years, and currently hold 80% of the world’s radar detector technology patents.

One of our big sellers is the Escort Redline Pro A radar/laser detector. This one just underwent a hardware upgrade adding improved sensitivity for its dual antennas which increase the range and it detects new speed cameras like the MultaRadar CD and Gatso (both used by police in Queensland and New South Wales).

This is a popular model because it’s good at what you need it to do. It can detect radar and laser accurately from far away. This device will alert you of radar long before you can see the source giving you plenty of time to slow down rather than needing to unsafely slam on the brakes immediately.




The Escort Redline Pro A also has a very easy to use interface. It has just a few buttons and a simple screen. The buttons are clearly labeled and the screen does a good job of telling you exactly what’s going on. Simplicity is important for a device you’re going to be using while driving.

Some radar detectors can be detected by Radar Detector Detectors (RDD). These are used in states where detectors are illegal. They can pick up the radio frequencies from a detector and alert the police to illegal detector use. An RDD won’t pick up the Escort Redline Pro A because of its magnesium construction which eliminates leakage of any RF signal from the detector.

Not only does magnesium stop RDDs from finding this laser detector, it also makes it lightweight and durable in case it’s ever dropped. Dropping the Escort Redline Pro A is unlikely thanks to the secure suction cup mounting.

Overall, the Escort Redline Pro A is an excellent, well-rounded radar/laser detector. The segmented K and Ka bands increases its performance. And when tested side-by-side against other brands, the Redline Pro A wins any shoot-out every time.

If you want to go the next step up in performance, features, and quality, we recommend the Escort Passport Max. This is one of the most advanced, high-tech portable radar/laser detectors on the market. It utilises advanced digital signal processing making its response time extremely fast with incredible performance.

The first thing you might notice about the Escort Passport Max is the beautiful multi-color OLED screen. This high definition screen has a bright, crisp display that’s very easy to read. You don’t have to lean in and squint to read it like you do with some lower-end radar detectors.


best detector in the world

As for the technology on the inside, a big feature that sets the Escort Passport Max apart from the crowd is GPS. It has a GPS speed display and marks GPS locations when it knows it’s a false alert like an automatic door or a service station and automatically locks out those false signals.

The Escort Passport Max is a great laser detector from a safety perspective because it keeps a close eye on your speed. Not only does it have a GPS speed display, but it has an over speed alert feature. This makes it very easy to keep your speed at a safe level.

An Australian and New Zealand fixed speed camera and red light camera database is installed in the Escort Passport Max with updatable software. This data combined with fast response, long range, and remarkable accuracy are what make this the best portable radar/laser detector.

If you need to be alerted when you’re going too fast or if you just don’t want to keep checking your speedometer, a portable radar/laser detector could be the perfect solution to stay safe.