Eufy Security

Neltronics is seeking business partners to promote Eufy wireless security

Why Eufy?

Eufy is an exciting, fast growing brand. Owned by Anker, Eufy is leading in both sales and specifications against their main competitors in all categories.

The Eufy line-up includes 2 ranges of wireless camera systems (higher end and entry level), a range of smart video doorbells, fingerprint security deadlocks (including a recently released Wi-Fi version), floodlight cameras (professional install), as well as wireless security systems. To see the full Eufy product range and more detailed product information, click here.

Eufy – Smart Home Simplified.

Is It For Me?

Retailers – Are you in a region that is an untapped market? Some of our best partners are in regional towns where the locals trust and spend with those they trust.

Locksmiths and Security Businesses – Do your clients keep losing their keys? The digital deadlocks can be opened by fingerprint, key, PIN, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Perfect for Airbnb rentals, the opportunities for this product range is endless.

The most successful dealers are setting up the systems in-store in able to live demo the product range, at which point the customer often buys more products there and then!

Going out to a break in? The opportunity is there to supply and fit a security camera system in 30 minutes, and leaving your customer wanting more! There is huge potential for add-on sales.

Home Builders – Are you looking for an incentive to clinch the deal? Smart products are a hot commodity right now and the Eufy products are the simplest way to smarten up the home. Our Eufy smart doorbells are a great starter and the product range expands by simply adding more sensors or cameras to the home base.

Why partner with Neltronics?

Neltronics is a well-established Perth based importer and wholesale distributor of state of the art electronics products.

With local sales, warehousing and marketing, all backed by Directed Electronics in Melbourne, you are assured the very best in support.

We have everything you need in way of digital marketing materials available and our own in-house marketing team can assist with web page content. In return we expect rich content on your website to drive your business.

If you feel this range suits your business we would be interested in discussing further, complete the form below and let’s talk!