You might have heard about dash cams and thought they’re only for paranoid drivers. Why would you need to record everything that happens in front of you while you’re driving? Well, there are lots of reasons. Have you considered the many ways they could come in handy in your daily driving?

Here are a few reasons to consider getting a dash cam.

Protect Yourself in an Accident
One of the main reasons dash cams are getting so popular is to capture important evidence. If – heaven forbid – you get into an accident, a dash cam can record exactly what happened. Imagine how useful this footage would be to authorities and insurance companies for knowing exactly what happened. It’s a simple way that a dash cam could easily pay for itself. Some dash cams even have time stamps which give even more imperative details.

Dashcam records road travel accidents low light

Protect Others in Accidents
Let’s say an accident happens right in front of you, but you’re okay. Your dash cam can still capture very valuable evidence that insurers and authorities are going to want. If this happens to you and you’re feeling like a good Samaritan, someone will be very thankful that you’re a prepared driver with a dash cam.

Record Road Trips
Just as action cameras have become popular for motorcyclists and those into extreme sports, dash cams are becoming popular ways to record drives. Some people have become very popular and successful on YouTube just from video blogging about trips they make. There are entire channels dedicated to dash cam videos, even ones specific to Australia. If you’re going on a drive that others might be interested in or that you would want to experience again, a dash cam is a great way to capture those memories.

Take Still Images
Many dash cams don’t just take video, but also capture still images. Still images from your car can come in handy if you want to capture evidence or a memory. Let’s say you want to put an image on social media, but don’t want to upload a whole video. Maybe there’s a moment you want to make a print of to remind you of a road trip. That’s where still images become a valuable feature.

CDV-350GPS Super HD Dashcam for vehicles -front

Monitor People Borrowing Your Car
Maybe you’re the one who always gets stuck driving people around. Do your family members or your mates constantly ask you to borrow your car? When they do, they probably make lofty promises about filling it up with petrol and that they’ll be extra careful! Now you can know exactly what they’re doing with your precious car. It’s a good way to narrow down who should be allowed to drive your car and who you shouldn’t let anywhere near the keys.

Give Your Passengers Peace of Mind
Dash cams are all about safety and security. If you have any frequent passengers who worry a lot about other drivers and always expect the worst, then a dash cam might put them at ease. Knowing that there will be recorded footage of whatever happens in front of the car can help your passengers enjoy the ride a little more.

Keep Authorities Accountable
Dash cams really help with keeping the police on their toes. Everyone is safer and better off when authorities play by the rules and do what they’re supposed to do. There was an instance in Albury where a police car ran a red light and hit a car in the cross-traffic. It was a very minor accident, but should there be any denial of the accident from the police, that dash cam footage can show exactly what happened.

With all of these reasons stacking up for getting a dash cam, how do you get one? How do you know which one is right for you? That’s where Neltronics comes in! Neltronics offers a range of dash cams for any motorist in any budget.

Neltronics sells high-quality dash cams available with high definition resolution and advanced safety features like lane departure and collision warnings. Many of our products may be smarter than you’d expect a camera to be.

For even more protection, you can have multiple cameras monitoring all around your car. A popular setup it to have one in front and one in back with a split screen monitor showing you both feeds. If you’re recording both in front of you and behind you, you can capture double the footage which doubles the usefulness of all of the reasons we talked about to drive with a dash cam.

So what are you waiting for? Do some shopping around and find the perfect dash cam setup for you. Maybe you know someone who could benefit from a dash cam. Capture memories, have some fun on YouTube, and most importantly, keep yourself safe with valuable evidence.